Guess Who Turned 1?!?

We have been so busy over the past few months that we almost forgot to celebrate a HUGE milestone—threeLOL has turned 1 year old!

We couldn’t have imagined a year ago how much we would love sharing our thoughts on living, loving, and laboring OUT loud! As we look to the future and how to make threeLOL bigger and better—we can’t help but look back over the last year and smile!

When we opened up the threeLOL world last year, all of you welcomed us with open arms. We dared to create a space that would promote positivity, visibility, passion, and energize us all not just to live our best life but to recognize our responsibility to advocate for everyone’s right to pursue their idea of happiness.

When you asked we answered.

How can I find real love? Through loving yourself enough to know you deserve the best life has to offer and believing it. When you love yourself you attract the love you need!

Who are you not to shine? Too often we put ourselves down and allow other to use us as doormat.

Realizing that when we live for the future and decry the past that we forget to be present in the moment. When we turned on the TV in a search of relief from our day to day we found more bad behavior, and this time it was in HD.

We’ve been outraged together by the haste at which Republicans are able to throw women, racial minorities and LGBT people under the bus. Being true Polinistas we don’t take that kind of behavior lying down— we vote, protest, and stand in our truth, asking others to do the same.

We can’t believe all that we have accomplished together over the past year and like our president we are excited to press #forward—here’s to year two!