Can Your Mind Really Change Your Matter?

Confession: I am an inspiration junkie. At every turn I try to find something, anything that will add a little sunshine and warmth to my day. Let’s face it, we all get caught up in the grind of our daily lives and sometimes we need a little mental pick-me-up. There are some who say however, that all we need for a pick-me-up is a smile and some positive thinking. But, I’ll let you be the judge.

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve ventured into a study of sorts—on myself. Can I really change my matter i.e. my extra lbs and career trajectory through old fashioned hard work and positive thought? Can a simple but consistent act of positive thinking help improve success?

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to weight loss I have literally tried everything. I’ve instituted competitions ala the Biggest Loser; I’ve cleansed my inner goop like Gwyneth Paltrow; I’ve been down with J-Hud and so on and so forth. Yet, there is one thing that I have not done and that’s being consistent. I’m really good– like Olympic gold good at starting things, but a little less so at finishing.

Throughout the past 3 weeks I’ve challenged myself not only physically with double kettlebell workouts and fat blasting cardio, but also ridding myself of my usual level of anxiety and angst day by day. Now, that’s not to say that I have eliminated the occasional “seriously, how do I look?” or the “will my big break ever come?” questions from my daily musings, but I HAVE limited the inner “self loathing” dialogues.

I am constantly looking for the “big payoff”.

I want the “wow, you look fantastic—what have you been doing?” questions. While I’m waiting for the big “tada” however, I almost miss the little yet fabulous changes I’ve been experiencing. No, the scale has not moved as much as I would have liked but I’ve gained more energy, am waking up earlier, my body feel fit, wonderful opportunities keep popping up left and right, and I’m HAPPIER then I’ve been in months!

Measure that you silly scale!

That’s just it. Sometimes we are so obsessed with changing the “matter” that we neglect to focus on how we let our minds/egos play tricks on us. Every day I say a quiet mantra, “I’m choosing to be better today than I was yesterday” because as Jay-Z has famously rhymed “it’s all about progression”.
When we leave our minds open to possibilities we feel lighter and actually look lighter too! Try it. Look in the mirror right now with a straight face, then think about something you enjoy. Now look back at the mirror. How do you look?

The way we choose to look at the world “matters”. Sure, I could track my happiness by the needle on the scale or the title on my business card and continue to ride the wave of erratic emotions or I could choose to simply allow my mind to relax, be present, and enjoy the journey of consistently living, loving, and laboring OUT loud!

Musical enlightenment after the jump… Find your inner soundtrack and DANCE!