Are You Living (and Working) on Purpose?

Not too long ago I found myself in a dark place. I was depressed and it seemed at every turn, I ran into what I perceived to be another obstacle. What was true for me and many others is that I fell of course or better yet I fell off purpose.

Many people let their work and their life move them. They go with the flow, but don’t control the current. Where they wash up ashore is where they will remain until another wave comes. The only time I will ever be caught laying on a shoreline is when I’m on vacation—with a lovely umbrella cocktail! Yes, of course there are things that we can’t control in our lives, but there are also many, many, things that we can.

The question isn’t can you control your life—it’s do you want to?

When I found myself lost in a fog of self loathing I recognized that I wasn’t really living my life instead I was being lived. I wasn’t “going hard” for what I really wanted. I lost sight of my purpose—the thing that wakes me in the middle of the night and whispers “Danielle, how can you make a difference? How is your work, presence, helping others?”

When asked how she does it “all” Oprah responded by saying “I wake up at 4am and try to be present in each moment”. It’s not just about where you show up in life it’s about HOW we show up. For some, their work may not be their end all, be all and that’s perfectly fine. But each of us needs to have more than a check that we get out of bed for each day.

I learned from my parents at a young age that I mattered. What I thought and how I felt mattered, AND I have the power to alter the course of my life if I choose. That lesson should be taught everywhere. You and YOU alone have the power to alter your course.

We just need to decide to WAKE UP and move forward!

Here are 5 ways to help you LIVE on PURPOSE:

1. Find Joy in What You Do—Everyday: We move at the speed of light most days and forget to take pause and enjoy little moments. Find the time, even if it’s at 4am and do something just for each day!

2. Allow Your Full Self to Show Up: There is nothing worse than being physically present but leaving your minds elsewhere. Turn off your blackberry, iPhone, whatever and BE Present!

3. Surround Yourself with Light: If you take a glimpse at your circle of friends and realize that none of them are happy and are stuck find a new circle, and make sure it’s one that lifts you up and challenges you to be the best you can possibly be.

4. Get Your Nature On: All you need to do is walk out your day find a patch of green grass, a tree, or a flower. Take five deep breaths and allow yourself to be in awe of the environment around you!

5. Be Brilliant: Too often we waste time comparing ourselves to others and then putting ourselves down for what we don’t have. Each of us is brilliant in our own way—so let your LIGHT SHINE, especially if you find yourself in a fog:)

Musical Inspiration after the jump… Celebrate the Elements of Life and the light you bring!