Poliwood Round-Up Special Edition: Polinistas Celebrate Pride at the White House!

Last Friday we had the good fortune of being invited to the White House LGBT Pride reception. We both experienced “pinch-me-moments” during the two and half hour event and took pause to reflect on this extraordinary experience.

Pinch-Me-Moment Number One: OMG! We’re headed to the White House. Now, there are plenty of jaded people in D.C. who have meetings all the time at the White House and look at these occasions as no big deal—thankfully we are not those people. Yes, we’ve both had meetings, but each time we are reminded how remarkable it is to not only live OUT loud, but to labor in our passions OUT loud as well—and do it at the highest echelons of our government. Plus this wasn’t a meeting it was a reception WITH cocktails! Holly Golightly quote of the evening: “I’m not leaving the White House until I’m good and drunk, good and drunk indeed”.

Pinch-Me-Moment Number Two: I’m at the White House Holding Hands with My Wife. One of our dear friends said after the event “if you had told my 12 year old self I would be at the White House as an out gay man with my partner, I would have called you a liar”. What made the evening so great for us OUT LGBT folks was just that—none of us could have imagined in our lives that our President would not only recognize us, but celebrate our love as well. To walk through the halls of history hand in hand as a LEGALLY MARRIED couple was EVERYTHING!

Pinch-Me-Moment Number Three: Images Matter! While at the event we ran into several people who recognized us from our story in Essence. We will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in a few short months and can’t believe that people continue to reach out and thank us for sharing our story. We have realized over the past two years that when people see themselves reflected back at them whether it is on TV in magazines or in certain professions it inspires hope and possibility where there wasn’t any. Wherever you are and in whatever you do—Be Visible, Be Fabulous…because your sheer presence can help transform someone’s life.

Pinch-Me-Moment Number Four: Live in Gratitude. Last Friday’s event was a moment. It was a moment to give pause and thanks for the people that continue to help us on our journey— to living our truth and making our time on this planet matter. This was more than a party with good food and libations (although there was plenty) it was really a celebration of visibility and recognition that WE are America. Our lives and struggles are all interwoven to tell the story of America—which is the story of opportunity, triumph, and the freedom to live YOUR dream with Whom YOU LOVE!

Change comes when you make it. Now, let’s all continue living honestly, loving openly, and laboring in our passions OUT loud! #threeLOL

Man of the hour!







Celeb Spotting: Did someone order a coroner? Us with Jonathan Del-Arco from the Closer







Magic Mike is hitting a theater near you soon…but we got to get up close and personal with one of the stars Matt Bomer and his Hubby!





Remember when Aisha entered #Nerdland? Well, we ran into the Nerd-in-Chief herself, Melissa Harris Perry at the White House with her lovely niece.




Here we ran into our fabulous friends Zeke and Troy at the event too and someone else you may recognize:)






Hello President Lincoln!







And finally here’s us crowd surfing… could we smile any bigger?!?!?