Poliwood Round-Up: From Invisible Lives to Faux Political Scandals


This week in Poliwood our very own LGBT crusader and Polinista extraordinaire Aisha was named one of the Root.com’s 19 LGBT Movers and Shakers.

This fabulous honor came on the heels of the FIRE Initiative (our African American LGBT policy shop at the Center for American Progress) executing a historic event on Capitol Hill alongside the Congressional Black Associates and the Congressional LGBT Staff Association entitled: Invisible Lives: Conversations on the Experiences, Struggles and Triumphs of Black, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans.

The half day symposium hosted a series of fishbowl conversations, a far cry from the usual stiff panel productions the Hill is known for. As Bethenny would say “we went there”! Digging into serious issues effecting the Black LGBT community including marriage, faith, homelessness and more. Notable participants included the delightful Jonathan Capehart, journalist from the Washington Post and pundit; the debonair professor and MSNBC/CNN pundit Dorian Warren; author Keli Goff and your Polinista-In-Chief moi, among others. Pulling off this event on the Hill was no small task but Aisha and her team pulled it off seamlessly–that’s how we do *wink*

In other news, Boehner and his gaggle of conspiracy theorists are at it again–except now they’ve moved beyond birth certificates. In this week’s episode of “The Old and the Baseless” Boehner and his evil twin Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) have concocted yet another plot to take down President Obama, this time their trying to use Attorney General Eric Holder has their bait. Holder had been held in “contempt” by the House for refusing to give up documents connected to the governments Operation Fast and Furious program. What’s Fast and Furious besides a Vin Diesel blockbuster? Well let me explain. OF&F was created under G.W. Bush’s presidency, its purpose is for the US to sell guns to criminals with the hopes that their activity would be tracked and aid the U.S in our law enforcement efforts. Yes it’s sounds like some crazy and risky cowboy ‘ish (hence the scandal), and one of these guns may have even killed a border patrol agent. All the Feds despise the program and Obama didn’t start it, but Republicans are hoping to make him the fall guy.

Republicans have created a Wag the Dog style conspiracy that Obama intentionally sold guns to Mexican criminals who they knew were wildly violent so that the Administration could turn around and invoke stricter gun laws in America. What’s the President to do when being faced with this BS in the middle of an election? Utilize his Executive Privilege in order to keep the inner dealings of this ongoing project under wraps until they get to the bottom of it. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Well, Republicans left their sensibilities back on the campaign trail in ’08 and have decided instead to move full steam ahead with their new plan “Operation Bat Shit Cray”!

Republicans are great at one thing and one thing only–distraction. They hope to create a whole bunch of noise over here with OF&F in hopes that they deter Americans from focusing on all the shit they haven’t done over the past four years. Their entire MO has been to ensure that Obama is a one term President–by any means necessary. Our job? To make sure we don’t get caught up in the faux reality that the Republicans are spinning. The Republicans can spin all they want. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of running circles, I’m ready to move #FORWARD!