5 Easy Ways to Create “Offline” Friendships!

Recently, I was out to brunch (a Polinistas favorite weekend activity) and my friends and I were discussing how hard it is to make friends after 30. At first I disagreed, but then it occurred to me that most of my “we-actually-speak-on-the-phone-friends” I made before the ripe old age of 30. Was she right? Once we blow out the burning inferno that is our 30th birthday cake are we destined for a life without new friendships? Well, if you know me at all by now, you know that I refuse to take this lying down—unless of course I’m on a fabulous Chaise, but I digress.

Television would have us believe that women of a certain age regress immensely and turn into wig pulling, trash talking, fembots who would rather throw you under a bus than throw you a party. Surely, this can’t be the truth in real life. With all the emphasis on connectivity there must be a way for us to create authentic non-agenda platonic relationships.

Now, I know dating gets harder as we get older, but the same does not have to be true for our friendships. Here are some sure fire ways to help you meet that fabulous new “offline” friend.

1. Be a Joiner: The best way to meet people is to get off your couch and try something new. Join an activity group, book club, or better yet volunteer at a local park, school, garden etc. What’s better than meeting new people while doing good?

2. Gonna be Starting Something: So, maybe you’re not the “joining” type, then start something great and invite others to join. Connect the email addresses that pop up in your Outlook or Gmail to an actual real life person—happy hour anyone?

3. Walk A Way From Your Desk: I am often found in my cubicle trying not to make a mess on my keyboard as I click through emails while scarfing down my lunch. Instead of constantly wiping down your mouse, ask one of your colleagues to lunch—you may have more in common than just your company’s mission statement.

4. Just Say Yes: We find tons of reasons NOT to do a lot of things. Yes, I know the pull of a Bravo marathon is strong but do your best to resist. The next time someone asks you to hangout do something crazy—say yes!

5. Open Up: It’s amazing how free we are online and how closed lipped we become in person. Now, I’m definitely not one for the “over share” however there is no way for someone to realize how fantastic you are if you keep all your interests to yourself—so don’t be so stingy, share your light and love with others

Now, there are no more excuses. So, get out there and show someone just how great you truly are—and who knows they could end up being your new BFAT (Best Friend After Thirty)!