3 Ways to Quiet the Negative Record in Your Head!

You’ve been working tirelessly on a project and then your boss tells you they don’t need it anymore. Excited about a new job prospect you run to share the good news with your friend and she trumps it by telling you she just landed her dream gig with an amazing salary. Your girlfriend offers you a drawer space and your very own key to her place—then your BFF calls to tell you she’s engaged.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar? We all have those moments when it feels like we are turning the corner on something fabulous only to be knocked over by someone else who seems to be racing towards their “pot- o- gold” at the speed of light.

The reality is life isn’t a race—it’s not about who finishes first, but how we are experiencing the journey.

I for one don’t want to spend my days listening to the negative record that plays in my head like a bad Beiber song on repeat –looping the phrase “you’ll be spending your golden years in cubicle land”. So, let’s all take a deep breath and remember as longs as we continue to move forward we are indeed MOVING!

Here are three ways to ensure that your negative record keeps the volume down:

1. Remember that you are FABULOUS: It’s so easy for us to believe the bad things that people say and leave all the good stuff behind when we are having a low moment. There is only one person who can pump up the volume on your inner fabulosity and that is YOU. Example: Nothing makes me feel like I can take on the world than a great workout. Get your endorphins percolating!!!

2. Get up, get OUT and DO Something: The quickest way to let your inner negativo win is by throwing up your hands and deciding to do nothing. Idleness is indeed the “devil’s playground”. Put together a strategic plan that’s going to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go—then get to it and start checking things off your list. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished then a list filled with check marks. Example: Challenge yourself to meet two new people a week and then actually follow-up with coffee or better yet cocktails. Networking is the KEY to your Success—from dating to getting into the corner office!

3. Honor the Present: We spend so much time looking to the future that we are constantly tripping over the present and getting tied up in our past. Make a pact with yourself and set aside a few minutes each day to take a deep breath and ground yourself in the moment. Example: Office Yoga! Close your eyes and take three cleansing breaths—relaxing your shoulders and jaw and allowing your body to sink into your chair without slouching. That little move will do more for you than your mid-day sugar rush.

Finally, remember that with each day, you ARE LIVING YOUR FUTURE…so do yourself a favor and enjoy it!

Musical enlightenment after the jump… Find the positive music within and DANCE your blues away.
Ignore the crazy Jessica Rabbit picture below…the song is amazeballs:)