24 Hours in NYC—Polinista Style!


Since the Republicans have decided to invoke “Operation Bat Shit Cray” the Melissa Harris Perry show asked our very own Polinista, the fabulous Aisha, to come on her show Sunday and set the record straight. But before we headed over to #nerdland on Sunday we had a few things to do–Polinista style!

Saturday it’s a Saturday

First Stop: Cocktails and Conversation
Chilling with my fabulous mother at the London Hotel (the Hell’s Kitchen chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsey’s spot). Ambience and hotel room was fabulous…cocktails–hella expensive!


Second Stop: The Benjamin
No trip to NYC is complete without us dining out or favorite little spot the National by Iron Chef Geoffery Zakarian. Hand-to-God this little American Bistro boasts the best roast chicken with pesto barley risotto we’ve ever had in our lives!!!! Don’t believe me?!? Check the pic below:


Can’t Wait ’til Sunday Morning

Third Stop: Nerdland!

Isn’t She Lovely!?!

Here’s a political amuse bouche–Republicans are Cray Cray! Essentially, instead of focusing on what Americans really need like jobs, voter rights, reasonable student loan fees etc. the Republicans are preoccupied with stirring up bogus drama–Housewives style. While Boehner is held up in the Capitol restroom overcome with emotions, Rep. Issa (R-CA) and the rest of their cronies are busy spinning more tails than Kim Z’s got wigs, regarding the ridiculous G.W. Bush created Operation Fast and Furious/ Eric Holder “scandal”.

Check out video of Aisha setting the record straight:

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Aisha Shows Her Pride:

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Is Marriage a Silver Bullet? Aisha gives her thoughts.

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Fourth Stop: Here, Queer, and Fabulous!
After wrapping Aisha’s fantastic (third) appearance on MHP we did what any self respecting lesbians would do during NYC Pride–head for the parade! We are both NYC Pride virgins so it was über fun watching all the floats and doing a little two step in the street:) Check out some fun pics below!





Final Stop: Polinistas Decompress ala Gossip Girl xoxo!
If you are a Gossip Girl fan like us no whirlwind trip to NYC would be complete without a trip to The Empire Hotel! Spotted: A & D in search of GG glamour, and of course Chuck Bass!


We squealed with delight when we asked for the cocktail menu… For real! Yours truly sipped the Sneaky B*tch while the wife had Dorotoa’s Secret (she wasn’t a fan, but mine was sweet and spicy–after three sips I was drunk–sneaky, sneaky)!

All and all our trip was a blast:) We did all of the above in just 24 hours–imagine what we could do with an entire weekend! *wink*

Forget Disneyland–NYC is the greatest place on Earth! Don’t believe us?!? Just listen to HOVA:)