The Real Reason Blacks Won’t Abandon President Obama Over Marriage Equality

Aisha and Sophia Kerby break down the issue of same-sex marriage in communities of color:

The media’s knee-jerk reaction to President Barack Obama’s stance on marriage equality has been to question whether black voters, of which only 39 percent agree with the president’s newly announced position, will abandon him over it. Supporters and critics alike, who cite enthusiasm for the first black president to far outweigh the dissonance they feel about his support of gay rights, have debunked this idea.

But there is also a more practical reason for the black community’s overwhelming support of the president. His policies are more responsive to the socioeconomic needs and priorities of black families than the alternative. And his support for marriage equality is no different.

Race-baiting conservatives have tried to push the narrative that gay rights are exclusive privileges sought by white, middle-class, gay and transgender people that pose a threat to communities of color. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, antigay policies are also a great threat to the black community. They hurt hundreds of thousands of black gay families and their children and other “nontraditional” family structures prevalent among the black community.

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