Poliwood Round-Up: Polinistas PRESS Forward

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Poliwood is on FIRE this week with several breaking news stories that have the ladies of @threeLOL all in a tizzy! It feels like black people have been the scapegoats of the week!

From Alice Randall’s op-ed in the New York Times on Sunday essentially blaming black women for being “fat” simply because “we want to be”, to the baseless speculations that the black community will up and abandon the President (and cost him re-election) because he “evolved on marriage equality, we just can’t get a break!

You all know us well enough by now to know that we could hardly play bystander and just Monday morning quarter back on these debates (*wink). In true Polinista fashion, we rolled up our sleeves and weighed in, dispelled myths and challenged misconceptions.

Here’s a round-up of our press-clips from this week:

Danielle sets the record straight on obesity in the black community

Sure, as Randall points out, there are cultural-isms that shape our consciousness around body image. But black women’s attitudes are not the only culprit in the high rates of obesity we see in our community (black women are 60 times more likely to be obese than any other group!).

The reality is no one loves diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease all of which are side effects of obesity. The very idea that black women love being fat, as Randall suggests, is not only absurd it’s dangerous.

TheRoot.com published an op-ed by Danielle on this which pushes back against this “blame-the-victim” narrative, and discusses the structural conditions that lead to high rates of childhood obesity within our community, which ultimately becomes adult obesity. She reminds us that:

Instead of placing blame or attributing banal stereotypes to why obesity is trending in the black community, we may want to take a look at the environmental barriers that exist which have yet to evolve from bad to green.

She also discusses the importance of getting kids outside to connect with nature. As FLOTUS says “Let’s Move”! Our lives, depend on it!


We are obviously thrilled that the President has finally come out of the closet in his support for marriage equality. YAY!!!

We took to Essence.com to express our joy. Click the link for the full post:

Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, when it comes to marriage, the name of the union means everything. The word “marriage” implies commitment, trust, and most importantly, legality — calling our union anything else is like taking a red marker to a Payless shoe and calling it a Louboutin; it’s just not right. So, when President Obama announced his completed evolution on marriage equality this week, for us, his 2012 slogan of “Forward” finally fit.

Aisha Refutes the Notion that Black Folks Will Abandon POTUS

But of course the pundits wouldn’t have jobs if we didn’t discuss the possible fall out from his evolution… So Aisha took them to task and batted back the idea of a black backlash.

She told TheRoot.com that:

There’s been a lot of unfounded conjecture that black support for the president will wane substantially, with absolutely no data to substantiate that.

And the Politico that:

I do not believe the black community is any more homophobic than any other community. It is not in my experience.

We’re laboring OUT loud, inspired by all of you. And doing what we can to represent our community. We invite you to too!