Finding Energy to Ascend Reality (F.E.A.R.) So You Can DREAM!

We create a plethora of reasons that keep us from reaching for our dreams. Whether they are kids, time management, your significant other (S.O.) or your current job, the habitual reasoning can be extensive but the one excuse that should NOT be on the list is “fear”.

Fear of failure blocks our ability to ascend to our greatest heights.

Sure, not everyone is going to be a billionaire, own jets, or be on TV, but what each of us has the power to do however, is work at being the best us we can be—and fear stops us from doing just that. Fear, as we currently know it, can paralyze us from even attempting to imagine a life that is different than the one that we are currently living— essentially stopping our imagination dead in its tracks and throwing up a “do not enter” sign on our brains.

For far too long I was living vicariously through others too fearful to admit that I wanted to be a writer. So, instead of putting my own thoughts to paper (or screen) I just read other people’s opinions thinking “who would care what I think?” The question I should have been asking was “why do I care”? I wanted to write because it made me happy, of course if it made someone else happy or look at life through a different lens than that was a bonus…but not the driver of my passion.

Thankfully, I finally took the leap and went from jotting down my thoughts through my first blog DeeTwoCents, which lead to the creation of threeLOL and now the opportunity to write for a variety of other outlets as well. Where would I be now if I had allowed fear to dictate my life? Probably still sitting on the sidelines telling everyone else how they should play without actually putting myself in the game.

Deciding to get off the bench is the first step into actualizing your dreams!

I believe that the first step in conquering any obstacle is changing what the obstacle means. As my favorite character Cher says in the movie Clueless “No, is just a jumping off point to start negotiations”. Therefore, I am challenging us to redefine fear.

F.E.A.R: Finding Energy to Ascend Reality so you can DREAM!

Life is for the living. Each of us only gets one body and one moment in time to make an impression—do you want to spend it as a bench warmer or a dreamer? Let your fear be a jumping off point to living the life you were meant to live!

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. —Oprah Winfrey