Blacks and Fat: The Root Interviews Danielle

As part of an ongoing series on obesity, The Root interviewed Danielle to talk about getting active, staying fit, and what stereotypes hold us back:

The biggest myth is that the African-American community doesn’t care about their bodies. A lot of people say that “they just eat badly. They don’t care about their health. They don’t care about their bodies.” And I don’t think that that’s the case. There are a lot of barriers to healthy, clean, good food. And there are also a lot of barrier to the outdoors.

And then there are all of these stereotypes that we put on people who are overweight, especially African Americans who are overweight. It’s like, “Oh, I’m big and beautiful and sexy,” when you’re talking about adults, and when you’re talking about kids, it’s, “Oh, they’re just big-boned.” I’ve heard that, I read that. And, it’s like, did they seriously just put that in print? Because it just feeds into an unhealthy stereotype — a stereotype, frankly, that’s killing us as a community.

You can read the whole interview here!