Poliwood Round-Up: Women vs. Caterpillars


For several weeks now the Right has been waging a war on women. Which is fascinating given that women make up 52% of the electorate. I’m no pollster but one could argue that you actually need women to vote for you in order to win a general election. Nonetheless, several Republican controlled states have begun to roll out their “ALEC approved” legislation to reset the hands of time to 1950–denying women access to contraception and other healthcare needs. If this weren’t enough, a Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin was bombed a few weeks ago.

Wake up America! Is this the party of progress? Do we really want to let the party that lead us astray back into the People’s House?

It has become increasing painful to sit through a Romney speech on American values ( I don’t even bother with Santorum–I’m afraid my ears will bleed) or anything for that matter. It’s like being transported to Ferris Bueller’s Economic’s class–“Bueller, Bueller”. Moreover, whenever he delves into “women’s issues” all he does is reference his wife Ann and the women SHE speaks to. What about the women he speaks to? Or are we in some oppressive culture where the “women folk” only speak to each other and act as interpreters for the men? *rolls eyes*

President Obama doesn’t even have to say a word… He could just sit pretty and watch the Republicans hang themselves as far as the woman vote is concerned, but no he’s too good for that. Instead he opened the White House Women’s Forum this morning; highlighting his 80% women-led household. The President stated that if “more women were in congress I’m sure we would be more productive.” Ain’t that the truth!

It seems that whenever Republicans focus on women they only discuss the “household” as if that’s the only place we are. Our economy’s success and growth depends on our collective workforce which is 50% women. If their pay isn’t equal or there are barriers to our ability to enter into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (STEM) then that hurts our family’s income which hurts America’s economic bottom line.

Equality is not just good for people individually it’s good for business collectively!

However, what the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reminded us through his comment “there’s no war on women…it’s the media. If they wanted you to care about caterpillars you would” is just how detached from reality Republicans really are. Did the media force Romney to say he would end Planned Parenthood? Did the “liberal media” force Limbaugh to refer to a Sarah Fluke as a “slut”? Did the media issue legislation in several states seeking an end to women’s reproductive rights? No, Republicans did that all by themselves–and continue to. All the media has done is record their comments and share it with the rest us.

As President Obama exclaimed, “when we talk about these issues that primarily impact women, we’ve got to realize they are not just women’s issues. They are family issues, they are economic issues, they are growth issues, they are issues about American competitiveness. They’re issues that impact all of us.”

It is the very idea that “women’s issues” impact us all that Republicans fail to comprehend. When we all succeed the country succeeds–one equal paycheck at a time.