Growing Past the Mean Girl Stage!

Confession: I’ve been watching the Shahs of Sunset on Bravo and much like their other franchises they have filled all the usual cast of characters: bitch, brawn, brain, etc—except this time their Persian. However, the character that I am beginning to loathe on these shows is the “bitch”. On Shahs it’s GG, a 30 year old woman who doesn’t work and is quote on her “daddy’s payroll” as she so eloquently proclaims on several episodes. The reason for her not working, aside from just being a diva is that her “tell-it-like-it-is attitude” keeps her from employment. Really?

Tantrums stopped being cute at age two, and even then my mother was sure to give me one look that straightened my little ‘tude right out. So, I’m wondering when it became socially acceptable to pull wigs, kick people, flip tables, and essentially carry-on like you have no damn sense?
Being nasty should not be synonymous with “keeping it real”. Putting others down doesn’t make you powerful, it makes you pitiful. Yet, this idea that being unwilling to compromise and flying off the handle somehow attributes to a woman being strong is increasingly troubling.

What message are we teaching young girls? You have two options…doormat or hellion?

We need to break out of the “cast system” that the media has boxed women into. If they are not telling us we’re fat or “puffy” then we’re fed caricatures that exacerbate the ideal female archetype. Either you can be a gold-digging Real Housewife or a cold hearted, damaged, “power bitch”.

We need to recreate the prototype.

Sure, TV is exaggerated—but we’re starting to witness these cruel one dimensional stereotypes spill out from the television into reality. All we need to do is pull the Facebook page of kids that have been bullied to death. The more hate filled the comment, the more “likes” from others it received.
Our current lesson to kids is that bad behavior is rewarded—handsomely, so where is their incentive to be good? Ignorance and intolerance are taught and it’s high time that we teach kids a new lesson by living our lives as an example of acceptance, gratitude, and understanding. Let’s challenge ourselves to put our inner mean girl to rest and start giving the nice girl that exists in all of us some much needed stage time.

Here’s my reality show pitch: A competition that relies on a person’s intellect and talent to get them to the top of the field without tantrums, tears, and verbal/physical abuse. Something that kids and adults alike could aspire to. Would you tune in?

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With every day and every breath we evolve more and more into the person that we are meant to be… Define yourself for YOURSELF!