threeLOL’s New Video Series: Cocktails and Conversations

Welcome to the first edition of our new video series: Cocktails and Conversations. We’re taking our conversations off of our couch and on to yours. From politics to pop culture, and all the life in between, we’ll be giving you the dish with a threeLOL twist! (in HD!;-)

For our first installment, the Polinistas headed up to Baltimore to host a workshop at the Women of the World (WOW) Conference. A packed house of diverse women, young and old, gay and straight gathered to discuss “sexuality and the social consciousness”.

For centuries women’s sexuality has been suppressed and shunned. From the dismemberment of women by politicians (aspirin anyone?), to the hateration thrust upon Madonna for being “too old” to rock the Superbowl, female sexuality has been demonized, poked and prodded, and owned by everyone BUT women.

How do social norms and expectations of “the feminine” permeate our psyches and shape the way we express ourselves from the bedroom to the boardroom?
And how can we begin to put the pieces back together and reclaim our full selves?

We “unpacked” the archetypes and stereotypes of women and discussed all of this and more. Here’s a little excerpt from the session: