Why Women Need to Redefine P.M.S.

My intention earlier this week was to write a “spring-like” post about the abnormally warm *read global warming* weather we’ve been experiencing across the country this week. But as I began to put pen to paper my mood shifted from flowers and sunshine to cramps and bloating.

Needless to say I lost the “spring” in my step.

Fortunately, I’m married to a woman (the BEST wife)! She knows exactly how I feel and goes to great lengths to make sure I’m happy and comfortable. While lying on the couch indulging in Popcorn, Movies, and Sex and the City (PMS ritual) I started to think about this latest assault on women’s health by conservative men, who have no comprehension of what women deal with—and worse yet, have no desire to understand.

For the most part since the beginning of time our bodies have been demonized. Isn’t our fault that we have cramps…that damn Eve and the apple? In some countries don’t they ban women outright from being in public during her menstrual cycle because she is deemed “unclean”? Each month not only are we supposed to do our jobs at optimal level—with half the pay of a man, but we are supposed to smile through our pain or risk making others *read MEN* uncomfortable. When does society ever try and make women comfortable? Think about it, what kind of maternity leave does your job offer? Childcare vouchers? How about OB/GYN healthcare coverage?

Women constantly get the short end of the stick and don’t get me started on minority women in particular.

We are expected to push through our pain, multitask our careers and households and do it all with a smile—that’s what I call real PMS (Push through, Multitask, and Smile). And for all that we do to move society forward— we get thrown under the bus. If we work outside the home we get grief for not putting family first; if we stay at home then we’re lazy or a gold-digger; if we want to protect our bodies we’re sluts; and if we demand the same credit and pay as a man we’re a bitch. Yet, we’re the gender that’s considered irrational and faint of heart?

I would love to see a man deal with half the ‘ish we put up with, and do it in heels—they wouldn’t last an hour!

It’s time that we redefine what it means to have PMS, and not let the “weaker sex” minimize us and our daily contributions. Without us, they wouldn’t exist. We need to own our power and not allow the conservative agenda to break down our bodies and shrink our worth.

From now on I’m changing what defines PMS it now stands for “giving yourself Permission to Move forward and Shine”! Too often we allow others to define our worth and trivialize our needs; this woman-bashing stops now. Make no mistake these attacks on women won’t end until we decide to end it. We make up over 50% of the electorate and the workforce—that’s power we can take to the voting booth and boardroom.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any “~ Alice Walker

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