Poliwood Round Up: Progress is Our Only Option!

The past several weeks of regressive anti-woman policies and the subsequent quiet from the Republican Presidential candidates reminded me just how weak these “wannabe leaders” are. Even in the face of such outrageous policies and statements from their self-anointed “Right-Wing Media God” they are powerless.

Women make up over 50% of the electorate yet they didn’t think we were worth standing up for. Do you remember the recent State of the Union when the President discussed equal pay for women? The Democrats stood up and clapped at his remarks, while the other side of the aisle remained in their seats and silent. That image should be burned into all our minds–along with the one of President Obama signing the the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 stating that the 180-day statute of limitations for filing an equal-pay lawsuit regarding pay discrimination resets with each new discriminatory paycheck.

These past few weeks have reminded us about the stark contrast between the President and his “would-be rivals”–he wants to march us forward while they are hell bent on pulling us back to the dark ages of back alley abortions and separate water fountains. The past few weeks have given us a glimpse into the REAL GOP. A GOP that calls educated Americans “elitist” and thoughtful women “sluts”. A GOP that would slam the closet door shut on our proud LGBT soldiers who have fought for the freedoms they so callously deny others.

In the few short years that President Obama has been in office he has provided us with much more than hope–we’ve seen the true honor and actions of a Commander-in-Chief. He’s extended healthcare to millions when Rethugs wanted to leave sick out in the cold. He’s rescued the auto industry when Romney said “let them fail”, he killed a terrorist and aided in the downfall of a dictator. Are we as a country all the way back from the demise the Republicans had us set for??? No, but with another four years under his belt we’re assured that the progress we’ve made as a nation won’t be undone. Our only option as a country is to move forward and there is only one person in the next Presidential race that has a proven track record of progress. Let the Rethugs know–we will NOT go back!

In the event you need a little reminder of what progress looks like…check out the video below!