Poliwood Round-Up: Can Our Common Humanity Go Viral?

You’ve heard the line that “each day presents another opportunity to be better”. Recently, I’ve tried to make this statement my living testimony—to be better today than I was yesterday. I’ll be honest; some days are more successful than others. But last night I decided to up the ante—nowadays things can change in an instant. So, instead of just focusing on entire day, maybe we should start focusing on moments, and more importantly, not letting important ones pass us by.

Like some 40 million people, I watched the Kony 2012 video which provided the world with a face and name to a 26 year crime against humanity—the abduction, rape, sex trafficking, mutilation, and murder of tens of thousands of children and their families in Uganda and across the continent of Africa. Sure, I’ve watched the stories on Oprah, Nightline, and even a dramatization on Law and Order, but not even those shows, with built-in audiences of millions were able to have as global an impact as this 29 minute video did this week.

There will be many who’ll spend countless hours pontificating on the true “on-the-ground” impact of this campaign, and whether or not the a white man from San Diego was the “right” messenger. To me, none of that matters. What matters is that he along with the Invisible Children nonprofit shined a light on a well kept dirty international travesty—the plight of the child soldier. Some are calling the short film “neo-colonialism” or “propaganda”; I call it an enlightening teachable moment. What matters most about this video is not who the messengers are, but what the message is—that each of us possesses the power to do great things and all we need is to turn our thoughts into action, whether that be a retweet, a call to your Member or organizing a march.

There is another saying I love, “don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good”. Is this group the ONLY one doing this work? No. Are there others who are giving larger portions of their donations to direct services? Sure. And now, with a video that has utilized the transformational power of social media more people will know about them.

What this 21st Century global campaign has taught me is that thanks to Facebook and Twitter we know longer exist in a bubble. We have the ability to loop in our personal networks to issues beyond the Kardashians and Real Housewives of the world. We have the power to mobilize virtually and physically.

This video showed us that we are all connected and that human decency is indeed contagious!

Check out my #KonyMoment below: