Poliwood Round Up: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Yesterday the photo of five men testifying on Capitol Hill regarding access to contraception went viral through the progressive community and beyond. According to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) these men were authorities on contraception—which is interesting because I suspect that none of them have a uterus. Nonetheless, when Democrats proposed having a female Georgetown law student testify about the loss of her friend’s ovary because the University didn’t cover birth control, they were told she was not “appropriate or qualified” to be on this “distinguished” panel. *read with intense sarcasm*

Representative Issa’s dismissal of the female panelists spoke volumes as to what the Republican Party thinks about women. A young woman testifying about contraception that women need for their health— inappropriate, but five men without vaginas testifying on what they believe women should and should not have access to—appropriate. We have known for quite some time how backwards the Republican Party was, but the idea that they would present a panel of experts on women’s contraceptives and not have one woman on the panel is almost unbelievable…almost.

What I always find fascinating however is that the party of “conservatism and values” always seems to find themselves between a woman’s legs or in a gay person’s bedroom. They want to go all Libertarian on us about taxes and school but when we discuss the needs of women’s health as it relates to her desire to control her reproductive organs—then that’s just too big of a decision for the “little woman” to make all by herself.

Clearly, a Congress filled with more than 80% men would know what’s best for a woman—given that they are surrounded by so many and are all doctors, right?

Oh, but the time warp back to the 50’s didn’t stop with the hearing. Candidate Rick Santourum’s billionaire backer Foster Friess went on the Andrea Mitchell show as well and on national television told American women that back in his day “gals” used to squeeze aspirin between their knees for contraception, really? How out of touch can one party be? The fact that they hold any women in their ranks scares the bejeezus out of me.

These men must be members of the Promise Keepers. Remember them? The radical right wing group of men who “hold onto” their daughters virginity—symbolized by rings worn by both father and daughter symbolizing that her virginity is married to her father until she finds a good man to bow down to in his place…good old fashioned values, right? I’m sorry did I wake up in America yesterday or somewhere in Afghanistan?

Contrary to popular Rethuglican belief—we don’t all have butterflies and hearts floating between our ears and a devil fueled sex machine between our legs. Our reproductive organs do not need to be monitored like Mars or occupied like a war zone. I have the right as a woman to take care of my entire body not just the parts that Republicans deem is “morally safe”. And as for the aspirin comment…we should all thank Friess for reminding us exactly what a Republican controlled government would like.

You many need an aspirin after you watch this!