Black Is…

Photo of Naomi Sims credited with being the first African American Supermodel

Happy Black History Month everyone!

Earlier today I was greeted with a note and video on my FB wall. It was a poem performed by a friend and rising star entitled: Black is Beautiful It was poignant and a wonderful way to start the first day of Black History month.

Consequently, my day became increasingly frustrating from there. At times, I am at odds with “specialty months” i.e. Hispanic Heritage, Woman’s, LGBT, etc. During these months mainstream media touts out faces of diversity and stories with pride—but when your month is up, it’s back in the closet or back of the bus for the next 11 months.

Yes, of course I see the importance of it and how it inches us towards awareness, but the idea that the contributions of so many diverse people are not commonly recognized is mind-boggling.

This afternoon Washington Life Magazine released their “Young and the Guest List” issue. The issue celebrates movers in shakers in D.C. However, by the look of their cover you would never guess that Washington, DC boasts a population that is 50% African American.

Why are we made to be invisible unless of course we are playing a maid?

Sometimes it seems that with each major step forward (I’m looking at you Mr. President) we take a thousand steps backwards (I’m looking at you Republican candidates).

Why is it that Black is only considered beautiful during February? Why are Black actresses only nominated for awards when they play the help? And Black men celebrated when they play a crook? Why, when you Google “Black is Beautiful” are the images of naked black women?

We possess so much style, grace, and complexity of character that it cannot possibly be crammed into one month… So, hold your head high and let your beautiful blackness shine for the next 11 months and beyond!

Be Fabulous, Be Visible!

Musical celebration of Black Fabulosity after the jump!