5 Ways to Take a Leap into the Life You Want!

Happy Leap Day everyone! I always thought it would be fantastic to have a leap year birthday—just think of the party you could throw every four years…it would be EPIC! Nonetheless, I love leap day… it reminds me of my favorite leap year when I was in elementary school and we made little frog signs and wrote down all the things we were excited to leap into that school year.

Too often we either wait for a tragedy or some grand celebration to make a change in our lives and take the much needed leap—out of our dreams and into a new reality. So, in memory of those crayon filled days of my youth I decided to write down 5 ways we can all take the leap into the future we want…together!

1. Don’t Put Off Today: There is no time like NOW to go after what you really want. Too often we waste time throwing “pity parties” for ourselves when we could be throwing “congratulations on MY new life soirees”. The quickest way to get to where you want be is to take the first step toward it. So, stop the whining and get on with living the life you really want!

2. Recognize that your Network is YOUR NETWORTH: Sometimes when we are looking for something we look for it everywhere else rather than looking right in front of us. Your friends and family are made up of some talented and thoughtful people. So before you pick up the phone to make a “cold call”, grab lunch with a friend and see if they can’t help you connect to what you want.

3. Who’s Better than You? : You know more than you think you do. Often times we look for the “expert” on a particular issue and discount the knowledge that we’ve acquired over many years. If you really don’t know something—Google it. It’s better to begin a line of questioning with as much information as possible. Being highly informed leads to better questions. Better questions asked— the quicker you get to the answer you need!

4. Make a Vision Board: Visuals are important. If you can see it, you can believe it. If you’re old school head to the nearest craft store and grab a pin board and start pinning photos and ideas to it. If you’re a little more technologically inclined try Pinterest.com a place you can create and share different boards with a community—remember rule #2 (increase your network).

5. Get OUT of YOUR HEAD: Your dream can’t materialize if it’s stuck in your head. Write it down, record it, do whatever it takes to get it out your head and out into the world. Then make it happen!

As the saying goes “every great journey begins with a single step”…so just think what a giant leap can do!

If you need a little “Faith” George Michael can help you out with that! *smile*