525,600 minutes… Make Your Time COUNT!

When people ask what my favorite time of year is without hesitation I would answer with a gleeful cheer “SPRING”! What’s not to love? Budding leaves, pastel colored clothes, Cherry Blossoms. However, this year I’m changing my tune. Of course I still LOVE spring in the city, but this year I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with January. I don’t know if you can feel it, but excitement and opportunity are in the air… take a deep breath.

January marks the beginning. 2011 is over and done… the New Year brings with it endless possibility and a blank slate. We’ve all been given another 525,600 minutes to get it right. To find love, a new job, a hobby, our life’s passion— over 525,000 minutes to become who we are truly meant to be.

December was a dark month for me…not just because of the start of winter but because I spent the entire month lamenting my failings (or what I thought were missed opportunities). I had gained more weight, was unsure about what I truly wanted to do with my life and feeling as low as I’ve ever felt, I was as Sylvia Plath so eloquently wrote “in the Bell Jar”!

Then it was time for the holidays and not a moment too soon. If I had to stay in D.C. for another moment I would have lost what was left of my mind.

I feel terrible for people who don’t look forward to going home and spending time with their family during the holidays. If it weren’t for the great escape I take every few months into the safety of my parent’s home…who knows where I’d be.

Sometimes we need to take some serious time to recoup and get our wits about us, so we can live to battle another day.

While I was home my sister and I found ourselves with our “teacher hats” on trying to spark some interest in learning in our younger cousin. In the midst of grading one of his assignments I felt something happen…I sparked. It’s the moment that you feel absolutely aligned with yourself. You are in exactly the right moment, at the right time, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

I felt electric!

I realized a few things at that moment: 1) At the heart of it all I am a teacher 2) I am the one with the power to create consistent “sparked moments” 3) being in the “Bell Jar” is NOT where I want to spend my next 525,600 minutes.

Remember the adage “you are what you eat”? Here’s my spin for 2012 “we are what we think”. If we think we are failures than so shall we be. Our dreams become our reality when we put our thoughts into action.
Each of us gets the same amount of time in a year— 525,600 minutes. How we spend that time matters…

Align your mind and your heart and make this the year that sparks and ignites the brilliance that is You!

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As Kim English says “Do not guess–know that you are truly BLESSED”!