Lets Move Monday: Power in Numbers!

We like to think that we can do everything on our own. Society tells us (Rethugs specifically) to pull ourselves up by our boot straps. We’re taught from a young age that to be outstanding you need to work independently and are subsequently rewarded when you can do things on your own. There are books written specifically to teach women how to “get the corner office” by not being the “nice girl” or working in teams etc. We are hard wired to believe that if we need to ask for help then we aren’t worthy of the title “leader”. My reaction to these theories… Bullshit! No person is an island onto themselves. Whether we like to admit it or not we need each other…we need support.

From the office to the gym we are more likely to be successful when we have others that are supporting our endeavors.

As you know weight loss has been an abysmal uphill battle for me…and the other 90% of women who spend their lives bouncing back and forth between one diet/cleanse to another. However, last night in the prime midst of a weight loss meltdown (I try and keep them to a minimum) I had an “aha” moment. The times when I have been my most successful have been when I have enlisted family and friends to help. I’m never ashamed to admit that weight loss and fitness are hard and at times feel damn near impossible…it is much easier to sit on my couch and watch a marathon of RHOA than it is to head to the gym. Yet, I know that after I workout I feel my most creative and happy. The couch is such an evil and manipulative piece of furniture….nothing holds quite the allure of a cozy couch…not even the bed (*wink*)

Nonetheless, sometimes we need to admit that we can’t do it alone in order to reach the heights we are meant to reach.

Today, another study was released about Black women… Pause for rant. Why are most of the reports released regarding Black women negative? Rant completed. The study examined Black women’s thoughts on obesity stating that they have high self esteem regarding their weight even when it is evidenced that they are more than twice as likely to be overweight or obese as their white counterparts. Some may say, “Well Danielle this report is positive, right?” Wrong. I am all for celebrating a healthy body image but obesity and the subsequent health risks that result from this preventable condition are nothing to celebrate. Sometimes we use the power in numbers theory to promote and justify bad behavior. We subscribe to the “real women have curves” mentality which to an extent is fabulous…but when we are calling being obese “curvy” we have a problem.

We need to use the power of our relationships to help us become the best we can be and not hide behind clichés that don’t challenge us to be better than we are at this moment.

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning — one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be–Oprah

Give yourself the “Green Light” to ask for the help you need…music fabulousness after the jump!