Overjoyed or Overstuffed?

Let me start this post with a disclaimer…I do LOVE Christmas. I love getting together with family—I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like to. I love the smell of my mother’s kitchen on the holiday and I love staying in my pajamas for long extended periods of time.

However, what I am over is all of the “stuff”. Just think for a second…is there anything that you are “requesting” for Christmas or Hanukah this year that you can’t get yourself? I’m not a Scrooge or a Grinch—call me “old fashioned” but I would love for the holiday season to be more about family time than the mall and online shopping.

We are so “stuffed up” that we don’t have any room for the true spirit of the season. Instead of spending much needed time with each other we spend tons of money that we no longer have in order to fill our friends and families’ homes with more stuff….that they don’t need. Our obsession with stuff is how we got into the current economic predicament we are in (not to mention the predatory schemes and maneuvering our banks did). Everywhere you look there is another sale and another wish list guiding you to all of things people want…but what about what we truly need?

Long gone are the days of cookie baking and caroling…no, we’re too busy for all that. We have calendar alerts set for quality time for heaven’s sake!

Recently, I was watching a “holiday” commercial and there was a family sitting in front of a piano caroling and in the middle of the song the youngest girl instead of caroling listed all of the things she did and didn’t want for gifts. Now, I get the commercial… its supposed to be funny, but I found the entire picture disturbing. Instead of caroling and joking with family this kid was obsessed with her list. What if she doesn’t get any of those items she painstakingly bulleted out…. is the holiday ruined?

There are more people that are unemployed during this gift giving season than any other time in my recent memory…yet the commercials and constant emails I’m receiving imploring me to buy, buy, buy, tell a much different story. That the only way we can feel loved or appreciated is if we have packages that say so.

Look, I like presents just as much as the next girl…but this year my true present is going to be enjoying the things that can’t be put in a box or filled in a stocking—the presence of family and friends hovering over some delicious home cooked food ,laughing by the fireplace, and simply being overjoyed that we are celebrating the end of another year…together.

Just to prove I’m not a Scrooge:) Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs…