Let’s Move Monday: Size Fabulous!

Ah, we are headed to the finish line of our “25 Days of Fitness pledge”. The past couple of weeks have taught me a lot about my inner weight demon. There has been a lot of resentment, tears, and frustration over my weight for years. This exercise in focus and reflection was about more than just making sure I pick up a weight and move my body…it has also been about challenging my idea of beauty and learning to stop and challenge the negative record that plays in my head daily.

You know the voice that yells at you when you even think about “bad food” or drives you insane in the fitting room. What’s funny is that being a Scorpio, I damn near challenge everything…I think my first word was “why”. However, when it came to my inner weight demon I believed everything it said…without question.

Why are we so quick to believe the negative and discount the positive?

However, what I did begin to embrace over the past few weeks was that exercise can really make you feel better…go figure *wink* Not only does my body get to move, but my mind gets to relax and stop running…it’s such a relief!

I learned to embrace the all of me over this time…even the parts that I am working to change. There is no way to grow when we compartmentalize ourselves into columns of “I like this…can’t stand that”. Nope, the only way to truly begin to transform is to recognize that your size does not define you. We were born to healthy, fabulous, creative beings. So, my mission is to no longer fit into “THE” size pants that have been tattooed onto the inside of my brain—instead I want to become the healthiest and happiest me I can possibly be. Will I continue my fitness after the holidays? Absolutely!

Instead of praying to the “size Gods” and looking at healthy eating as a punishment or chore—I’m working to retrain my brain to look to exercise as my stress relief and reward at the end of a rough day.
Fabulousness doesn’t have a number…it’s the feeling we carry with us each day when we remind ourselves not only to be kind to others, but first and foremost to be kind to ourselves. Focusing on being grateful for how far we’ve come and where we are going.

Fitness is a journey it’s not a destination… So, enjoy each moment and celebrate each step. Here’s to the next 25 days and beyond!

Change will come eventually…”Everything is Everything”