Lets Move Monday: A Look Inside

Last week I began my “25 Days of Fitness” and vowed to workout every day until Christmas (and beyond). Like many other women I struggle to lose weight. I have literally tried every diet from Atkins to South Beach to the O2 diet. All of these diets have two things in common: 1. I lose 2. I gain it all back.

Given, my constant struggles my lovely wife bought me Marianne Williamson’s book A Course in Weight Loss . If Marianne’s name sounds familiar it may be from the poem I posted on the site some months ago entitled: Our Deepest Fear

Have you ever read something or watched something and felt that the words were being spoken directly for you? That’s what the poem Our Deepest Fear was for me. So much so that I have had it posted up in every office I have ever worked in—to remind myself to let my light shine.

I feel like my weight dims my inner light. Like a cluttered home excess weight makes it’s hard to see the beauty through the mess. Marianne’s book A Course in Weight Loss goes beyond the exterior of “eat this, avoid that”. Her book gets to the heart of the issue. My heart to be precise!

I am my own worst critic—so, much so that if someone says “wow, you look great” I can’t hear it. All I hear is the record I’ve been playing in my head that says “you can look better”; “you can do more”. The “record” refers to the thoughts we play over and over again in our heads that tell us what “we can’t do” or “should be doing more of”.

Just like excess baggage or an overindulgent meal, negativity weighs us down—it’s an anchor that will pull you under until you can cut yourself free.

Untying yourself from your “Debbie Downer” inner dialogue is the very first step in ANY makeover. Letting go of the “mess” allows us to fill ourselves up with the light we need to reach our goal. So, whether your goal for the next 25 days is fitness or not—the only way to SUCCESSFULLY move forward and step into the new YOU is to make sure that we cut the dead weight that is holding us all back!

Here’s to ending 2011 the way we want to start 2012… With the clear vision to lead a light and happy life!