Go Big or Go Home!

As we begin to age or as I like to say “grow wiser and more fabulous” the choices that we are presented with are no longer as mundane as they were in our youth. I fondly remember a time when the biggest decision I had to make was whether or not I should go to class on a beautiful sunny D.C. day or go hiking through Great Falls with my friends. There were no huge ramifications to my decision. Sure, I may have missed a lesson, but I used to justify that hanging with my friends and pontificating on the future was a lesson that couldn’t be found in books (forgive my youthful exuberance).

However, as we progress in age on our journey—the more crossroads we hit along the way. And the choices we make aren’t between one thing or the next it’s between the person we are and the person we hope to become. We begin to weigh our options with the care of a bomb squad…hoping the choices we make won’t later blow up in our faces.

Consequently, playing it too safe can be the worst threat of all!

We tell ourselves “no” all the time and “can’t” ourselves into complacency. “We can’t expand our family because we don’t have enough money”. Newsflash unless you’re Beyoncé and Jay-Z there is no amount of money that is going to be “enough” for you to have kids. “I can’t follow my passion to open a catering business because my kids are too young” your kids will always need you and they will always be young in your eyes, but wouldn’t they be better off knowing that their mother is a builder and that it’s never too late to create something new?

When we’re young we are fearless… Why? Because we believe we have the ability to create the future we want. Perception is everything! Remember when you were young you used to say things “when I get older… or when I’m an adult I’m going to…”? Except by the time you reach adulthood you become so rigid in your ways and risk adverse that you settle for what’s in front of you.

Jay-Z once said in an interview that the best time to build is when everything around you is in disarray. His thought… What do you have to lose? We have nothing to lose by dreaming.

We are living in defining times. The choices we make from here on out DO matter. But what we need to realize is that standing still and keeping our heads down is no longer an option. There is no such thing as the job you can get out of high school or college for that matter that you can keep until retirement. In order to keep ourselves relevant we need to think outside the box and invoke our youthful sensibilities…

Now is the time that we need to Go BIG or get the hell out of the way…because the future is coming regardless…but how it arrives is up to you!

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