We’ll Always Have Paris!

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING… especially when you are talking about one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. PARIS! The wife and I just returned from a week in this enchanting place. The storybooks are true…Paris oozes romance, style, and yes, dessert!

From the quiet cobblestone streets to the outdoor cafes to strolls along the Seine, Paris is a stop and smile city!

As we walked arm and arm around through the streets, Aisha and I found ourselves stopping to feel the crisp fall air tickling our faces and breathe in the scents of fire wood burning and chestnuts roasting (yes, they literally roast them on the streets). We weren’t just in awe of Paris’s beauty but of the culture it embodies. There seems to be an utter sense of peace here that other cities just don’t have. People aren’t impatient and in a hurry…they are taking their life one lovely and delicious step at a time.

We could all stand to have a little more Paris and little less panic in our lives! *wink*

Simply, we need to slow down and enjoy a meal not propped in front of our TVs or compulsively checking email. Take a walk just for “walks sake” and not as a mode to get “somewhere”. Make time for our friends and truly connect with them in the moment not just for our latest FB photo-op.

Paris reminded us that there is so much more to life than investing in the “rat race” or endless climb up the professional ladder. Life is about connecting to the present moment and soaking in the beauty that surrounds us all…our friends, our families, sitting in nature, or eating a delicious piece of cake. When we are hurrying to document these moments we miss them entirely.

So, whether you make the trip across the pond or not you can begin to take in all the exquisiteness your life has to offer…slow down and really begin to enjoy your life the way the Parisians enjoy a glass of wine…down to the last drop!

More Pics after the jump…

Our market to kitchen cooking class in Paris…4 courses of deliciousness!

Enjoying “cafe life”!

Visiting Notre Dame. There is nothing like seeing a city at night!