Welcome to the 25 Days of Fitness!

The turkey has been put away but it seems our “holiday curves” may be here to stay! Thanksgiving begins what I like to refer to as the “holiday binge”. From countless parties to cookie and cake stashes in your home and office— it’s no wonder that a majority of New Year’s resolutions begin with weight loss. I’m not one for resolutions, because like most campaign promises…they’re never fulfilled.

So, instead of obliging the food Gods this season, I’ve decided to launch an offensive against the month long “holiday binge”. You’ve heard of the 25 days of Christmas—well, welcome to threeLOL’s “25 days of Fitness”!

I know what you’re thinking…I’ve lost my mind. I assure you I am in complete use of all my faculties *wink*. The reality is I believe we can beat the bulge and finally win. All we need to do is head it off at the pass. We all give in to the party tray of sweets and meats…and I am not saying I won’t have a bite or two, which is where the fitness comes in.

Weight gain comes as easy to me as jail to a Lohan! Therefore, I propose the 25 Days of Fitness plan, to make sure my waistline doesn’t continue to blow up like Europe’s economy.

The fitness plan seeks to amp up the calories burned during this festive food month while still being able to enjoy a shrimp puff or two.

What seems like a bazillions years ago I had a great figure. I was petite, slim, toned…you know all the euphemisms that come along with being a healthy weight. I felt like I owned the world. I could try on any outfit and feel great…no dressing room meltdowns for me.

And then that confident woman I knew left and I’ve spent years on a desperate if not crazed search to find her.

Was she hiding inside of my umpteenth bottle of Prosecco? No. Was she under a casserole dish filled with my wife’s lethally delicious macaroni and cheese? No. Was she inside of my beloved chocolate croissant? Nope, not there either.

Serious denial began to set it…I started saying things like ” I’m just growing into my womaness” or “these manufacturers don’t make clothes for REAL women” and the lies kept flowing just like my third cocktail…smooth, quick, and right on the mark!

But just like a hangover the truth eventually sets in…and stays there lingering overhead until you finally get the courage to admit the truth…

“Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m a foodaholic”!

Phew, that felt good. So, now with that confession off my chest it’s time to take action. Here’s the pact, from now until Christmas morning (and beyond) I am vowing to myself and you dear reader to give myself a fabulous gift…it requires no wrapping or delicately configured bow…I am giving myself my health and sanity back for the holidays! For the next 25 days I will be active and consciously making choices that will fill me with light and self-love.

Every “Let’s Move” Monday until Christmas I’ll post updates and tips on how to win the battle against the bulge, so make sure to check back and spread the word! Now, I’ve made my 25 Days of Fitness pledge…who’s with me?

Musical inspiration after the jump. Let the 25 Days of Fitness bring out your inner “DIVA”!