Poliwood Round-Up: Hate is NOT a Family Value!

This week threeLOL published a piece on Essence.com that called out the hypocrisy of anti-gay hate groups who purport to want to “protect” the institution of marriage from loving gay couples, yet sit silently by as straight celebutantes (a.k.a. Kim Kardashian) repeatedly desecrate it.  In case you missed it, here’s an excerpt:

One can’t help but notice the dead silence from groups like the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) whose sole mission is to “preserve the sanctity of marriage” by blocking gays and lesbians from joining in it. Why aren’t they outraged when these straight starlets stomp all over ‘traditional marriage’ in their Louboutins? Surely this match-made-for-media-fodder erodes the sanctity of all that marriage is supposed to be. So why aren’t they attacking Kim’s right to get married the way they do ours?

Our article struck a nerve with the conservative Christian Post who published a response yesterday quoting two so-called “pro-family” ringleaders from NOM and Focus on the Family. Not surprisingly, neither offered any substanitive explanation.

These groups are a glowing example that anti-gay does NOT equal pro-family. Quite the contrary!

In fact, I find it ironic that conservatives who claim to advocate for “family values” actually do everything in their power to weaken American families. Don’t take my word for it. Let the record show:

  • Deadbeat Dad Rep Joe Walsh (R-Il) owes over $100K in back child support, yet he was just given a “Pro-Family” award from the Family Research Council for his anti-gay and anti-women stances.
  • Presidential candidate Michelle Bauchman wants to end the tax credit that kept 3 million kids out of poverty last year.  A program that even Ronald Regan called “the best pro-family measure to come out of Congress.”
  • Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who has suggested that President Obama be impeached for not defending the federal ban on gay marriage, has had a host of botched marriages and messy divorces.

Clearly all their pro-family rhetoric is hypocritical at best, and window dressing for their disdain for gay and transgender people.  How else can you explain the selective targeting of their family values campaigns?

Nsenga Burton at The Root sums it up best:

Reality stars like Kardashian and other high-profile celebrities like Britney Spears and Kenny Chesney who enter into marriage and exit out of it faster than the speed of light get a pass, while LGBT couples are berated and discriminated against simultaneously. Kardashian spent 72 days in a televised marriage, which is being played over and over again, and has earned no less than $18 million in the process. Now, that should be illegal.

Let’s drop this charade and call a spade a spade. Conservatives know as much about family values and the sanctity of marriage as Hermain Cain knows about fidelity.  And if they really carried about strengthening families they’d get their own households in order, instead of wasting time and money waging attacks that weaken those headed by loving gays couples.