The Universe Answers

You know the saying “be careful what you wish for…because it just might come true”? I am living proof that it’s not just an old wives tale. For years I wanted a position where I mattered. I wanted to feel “important” and like someone was “listening to me”. It’s funny, but when you have the “cushy” job where you don’t really have to do much…you get bored REALLY quick. There is not a person on the planet who doesn’t want their existence to matter. Sometimes we go through the process of getting noticed in positive ways by working extremely hard/smart and then there are the Lindsay Lohan’s of the world that will settle for any kind of attention they can get.

Everyday we are subtly asking the Universe for what we want. With each action and each quiet gesture we are either saying we want more or less. When we are on the pity couch refusing to see the silver lining or recognize our own power to change the situation we are in…we are asking for more of the same—more misery and more restlessness.

Last week, my boss asked me if I was interested in leading one of our new campaigns. At first when my boss asked me to lead I was flattered. Then the flattery and excitement turned to sheer terror! I had become so accustomed to being a “backseat driver” that hopping into the driver’s seat was petrifying.

When you are in the driver’s seat you are responsible not just for yourself, but the other folks in the car, and on the road. However, every time I came up with a new idea or different strategy and voiced my opinion to my boss I was “asking” the Universe for more—more responsibility and more recognition. And I got it!

Everything we do and everyone we surround ourselves with prepares us for the “shift”. The shift from passenger to driver in our own lives!

If we continue to hang around folks who are happy with “cruising” then we aren’t gaining the skills we need to learn how to drive. My mother used to say “you are grouped by who you hangout with”. And that couldn’t be more true.

Therefore, if we are hanging out with folks who are miserable and unproductive then our chances of rising are slim to none… This bodes true for both work and play. I didn’t sit in the back of my conference room nodding my head during meetings and never speaking up because it “wasn’t my place”. Anytime you have suggestions about how something can be done differently it is your job to make your voice heard. Because when we speak our truth the Universe will listen and answer in kind!

What are you asking the Universe for????

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