The Manifester!

In one of my favorite childhood shows Bewitched, Samantha, the “witch” would focus on an item then twitch her nose in order to make magic. I remember watching the show wishing to grow up and become a witch—endowed with the power to make magical things unfold right before my eyes. Well, practice I did, but unfortunately the ability to “twitch my nose” never came, but my desire to create “magic” never faded.

Magic no longer conjures the images of pointy hats or crystal balls for me like it did when I was a kid (as fabulous as those things are *wink*). Instead, the idea of magic has become the ability to focus and turn my dreams and aspirations into a reality. Sound corny? Well, it’s true.

When I thoroughly set my sights on something…I begin to see it and feel it. It’s like my spirit has already decided that what I’m dreaming about is in fact mine…now, all my mind has to do is figure out how to actualize it.

It’s that “seeing and believing” that sets my intention to the Universe.

Often times we come across people who we all believe “block their blessings”. They settle for their lot in life and cease to dream, hope or even plan for anything better than what is in front of them.

If you don’t dream how can you manifest change?

Some of the most successful people are the biggest dreamers. However, they don’t live in the clouds. They set their intention to turn their dreams into something tangible.

The other day while visiting “the pity couch” I was stuck in the feeling that nothing was happening in my life. It seemed like everyone around me was headed towards something “fabulous” and there I was stuck on the couch. We all have those “poor me” moments…the key word being moment. If you stay there for too long…you risk losing your “mojo” and staying on that couch forever. That “mojo” is that feeling we all have but don’t always believe… that ANYTHING is possible. Within each of us we have the ability to have the life we want. All we have to do is see it, believe it and then it will manifest.

While on the couch I started to gain a bit of perspective and think about my life up until that moment. I began to think hard about the things that I truly wanted that didn’t happen. I was honestly hard press to think of one. Sure, we all have “things” we think we want, and don’t’ get. But there was nothing I could truly think of that I wanted, subsequently worked my butt off for that I hadn’t gotten.

When you truly want something you are willing to really work for it!

Want to be rich? How hard have you actually worked at making that happen? Want to be famous? How many auditions have you really gone on? Want to fall in love? How many people have you truly opened up to? Ask yourself the hard questions and stop and wait for the answer…the truth comes out.

When we dream big, set our intention and put our desires into action that’s when we manifest change and make the leap from a dreamer to manifester!

Just imagine the “Journey” your headed for if you don’t stop believing!