Poliwood Round-Up: The Revolution will be Tweeted!


#OccupyWallStreet has been in effect for 30 days and shows no signs of slowing or growing for that matter. Since the beginning of the marches and occupation of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, hundreds of protests have popped off all around the country ranging from just a few people gathered with signs to elaborate affairs with stages, music, tents and more.

The media has been baffled by the event asking for the protestors “demands and desires” to no avail. When asked by the media for his thoughts on the protestors House Majority Leader Eric Cantor referred to them as a “shiftless mob”. Which is fascinating given his allegiance to the tea party a “mob” of people abdicating for the overthrow of government…

The difference between the tea party and occupy wall street folks? One is older, whiter and more conservative (borderline nuts) in their ideology, clearly not “mob” material in Cantor’s eyes.   SMH!

What’s captivating about this movement is how quickly it has picked up speed–in large part because of social media.  From tumblr to twitter to Facebook and YouTube the growing frustrations of the 99% are getting their messages out in a myriad of ways.  And the message the media can seem to decipher??

The 99% of Americans are tired of corrupt corporations running our government. Their tired of politicians that are nothing more than puppets of big business who are responsible for the demise of our economy.

#OccupyWallStreet is getting to the crux of the issue! Our middle class is shrinking, our schools are crumbling, our infrastructure is cracking and our environment is under water in some states and dried up in others… In essence we as a country are headed for self-destruction!

It is the people that occupy this country that make us great not the corporate drones whose profits continue to soar while they continue to cut jobs and cry for “deregulation”.

These protests are spreading like wildfire across this nation not because they have a “mob” mentality but because it’s time for the people..the 99% of Americans to start taking their country back.

This revolution may have taken weeks to be covered my traditional media but it’s been on our laptops, and in our pockets since the beginning.  We are in the midst of a shift in consciousness in this country…this is not a class war or culture war it’s about the survival of the American Dream!