Poliwood Round-Up: All the People say…REVOLUTION!

Yesterday started like any other…woke up, brushed my teeth, started tea, turned on the news, viewed a maimed dictator; you know just your typical morning stuff! When did American news start showing such gratuitous violence on TV…in the morning??? I get it, Gaddafi was one bad mutha*&^ker that everyone wanted to see dead, but I didn’t know they meant it literally.

We are living in fascinating times!

There is a collective shifting of consciousness…people all around the world are beginning to wake up and recognize that they should have a voice in their government—that they are the masters of their own destiny…not just cogs in a machine. Before you have a breakthrough you need to have a breakdown and this movement is bringing down the walls of a system that has failed them.

In every corner of the world we are witnessing what happens when groups of individuals get together to rage against the machine to create something better!

Nothing annoys me more than pundits and politicians who want to dismiss the #OccupyWallStreet movement as nothing more than a bunch of unemployed “kids” with nothing to do. That’s the point. They have NOTHING to do! These are young adults who did what they were supposed to do. They studied, went to college, went out into the world to get a job only to be turned away… While the millionaires and billionaires that are running these businesses stuff their pockets with profits while cutting their bottom line, stepping on the “little people” and skirting their taxes. This is who the Republicans want to defend??? Not the recent college graduate who is putting her hard earned degree to work ala flipping burgers…if she’s lucky.

Dictators are falling; streets are being occupied and yet instead of focusing on the importance of the here and now Rethuglicans want us to wait 13 months??? For what… another cycle of deregulation that pollutes our water, further weakens our economic system, and leaves future generations with a broken education??? Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

Rethuglicans aren’t interested in solving our issues they’re just interested in selling us division and fear. Instead of focusing on how we can repair this country they want to talk about how marriage equality is destroying our nation …really??? I didn’t realize that two women getting married was the cause of our raging unemployment.

We can do better than the fools that are spitting nonsense at these “debates”. 2012 isn’t about them and what lies they can twist and millionaires they can “save”…it’s about us!

Your voice matters…make it heard and make your vote count!

Every revolution has a soundtrack…