Status Change: Rest In Progress (RIP)?

Yesterday I was engrossed in a fascinating conversation about our addiction to social media and “sharing” our lives with others. My dinner companion was of the mindset that we share too much as a society. According to him there is nothing that happens these days that we don’t tweet, FB, or text to our followers. Which reminds me of the old adage “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound”?

Simply put, if we are in the midst of a “real life” experience and we don’t whip out our phones to share it with our followers did the experience really happen?

From natural disaster photos, to sonogram profile pictures, to the announcement of a divorce, there is nothing we don’t share on social media. We create Facebook pages for the unborn and deceased alike… all of this “sharing” has me wondering, how much information is too much? In the age of no holds barred TV and social media we have created new social mores of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Accept there is very little these days that isn’t acceptable.

So, when my friend mentioned the word “iTomb” over dinner yesterday, I wasn’t at all shocked, but intrigued. How far were we willing to take our addiction to being known and being in the know—to the afterlife perhaps?

The “iTomb” is exactly what it sounds like…an interactive tombstone. Be gone the days of just laying mere flowers at the gravesite of a loved one, the future has something a lot more chic in store. The Video-Enhanced Grave Marker or VEGM patented by Robert Barrows would give you the ability to record messages in advance of your untimely passing that would run on your tombstone like an infomercial from the beyond! And allow for your friends and family to record their visits to you for all to see like a live twitter feed. This is like sci-fi crazy!

Just think, soon there will be a button next to our favorite “shareables” not only allowing us to post to our FB page but potentially to our “iTomb” as well? Just tweet of the possibilities! Bye, bye boring epitaphs, now you can add weather proofed video and live streaming to your tomb instead.

Now, we won’t even get to be at peace when we are dead! Instead of people coming to commune with the deceased in solace they will be live tweeting from the grave instead. What do you think? Have we taken our obsession with technological interactivity too far? Or is the “iTomb” just the next stage in our technological evolution?

Remember when we thought “Thriller” was video evolution?