Poliwood Round-Up: Obama’s Tim Gunn Moment—Make it Work!

Yesterday the President addressed the nation. On every channel he could be seen smiling and giving “hi-fives” as he walked into the chamber…everywhere except for Fox News, of course. No, they decided to show a rerun of the Simpsons instead. What kind of B.S. is that? The Simpsons…that’s how much Fox News cares about the direction of this country at its most pivotal time. It would rather fill its viewership with senseless cartoon images than give them the information they need to make informed decisions.

Nonetheless, all the other credible news outlet’s had “talking heads” that were all a chatter yesterday before the speech— and if you’re a “junkie Polinista” like me, who wasn’t able to tweet as I think, you were in political pre-game heaven! The build-up to the speech had all the makings of a great action/drama: villains (rethugs), insurmountable odds (the economy), a reluctant hero (the President)—you add popcorn and Spielberg, then ladies and gentlemen you got yourselves a blockbuster.

I must admit I was saying quiet prayers to myself last night while watching— that he would “wow” me and give us the Chris Matthews “tingle” we’ve long since forgotten…and I must say, my legs did feel a little “something, something”.

My Jerry McGuire aha moment last night? Ah, that would be when he said “The election is 14 months away…and the American people can’t wait another 14 months for us to act”. PREEEEAAAACH!

Congress has been sitting around for the past year like the guys in front of my local 7 Eleven…talking shit all day, but not saying or DOING a damn thing! It’s time for the BS and posturing to end and after his 10th “pass this bill” comment I was sold! What the President does best is inspire but what he hasn’t been good at is sustaining the fire.

Like he said last night he needs to take his message to every corner of this country and get people heated up like its 2009. Sell, baby, sell! We need jobs, we need leaders, and doing nothing is no longer a viable option. We can’t continue to sit around and allow ourselves to fall behind the rest of the world because the Republicans care more about winning an election than creating jobs for the American people. The President’s eyes said it all last night–Rethuglicans your 15 minutes of air time are up! Last night I saw the President I voted for…I saw the fire in his eyes again!

It’s make or break time…Mr. President, Make it Work!!!!

Inspirational moments ala Tim Gunn: