Poliwood Round-Up: A “Green” Lining in the Clouds!

Today instead of spending time focusing on the potential Armageddon that is the 2012 Presidential election, I’ve decided instead to look for the silver or rather “green lining” in the clouds that have been hanging over Poliwood for what seems like a month now.

What we know is this…getting anything done on Capitol Hill these days is as hard as trying to keep an “ankle bracelet” off of Lindsey Lohan!

Nonetheless, if you can’t go through Congress to get your needs met you can certainly find a way around them.  Enter the U.S. Green Ribbon Schools Award.  Since the beginning of my tenure at the National Wildlife Federation I have been working alongside our fabulous partners the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, Earth Day Network and the U.S. Green Building Council to get the U.S. Department of Education, the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency to team up and recognize the extraordinary efforts of our nation’s schools that are working to green education for the inside out.

Across the country there are schools that are meeting the rigorous demands of the 21st Century global green economy by addressing the environmental issues we are facing as a planet.  They are preparing students to be the innovators of tomorrow by creating clean green schools today.  From the inclusion of environmental and sustainability education in the classroom to energy efficient buildings that act as living laboratories for students to placing the health and well being of students and faculty and at the top of their priority lists.  These schools will now have the ability to apply and be recognized as U.S. Green Ribbon Schools—the schools of the future!

Of course this new program did not come without opposition…dimwits like Limbaugh and other Rethuglican extremists have referred to the Administration’s new program as “green washing” and “indoctrinization”. Obviously creating environmentally literate students who will preserve our nation’s natural resources and possibly head into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM professional fields is a terrible thing (SMH)!

Seriously, who wants the United States being able to compete with our global competitors who are out pacing us in innovation and education?  Who wants to develop a citizenry that has some kind of connection to the natural world around them and has the skills to address the extreme weather patterns that have been causing destruction, disease and famine?  Certainly not the narrow minded, backwards thinking, Rethuglican talking heads whose main goal for our future workforce is for them to be fat and dumb!

You think I’m wrong?  Every time this Administration has created a new program to try and uplift this country these blowhards have had something ridiculous to say.  The First Lady’s Let’s Move program has been referred to “socialism on the move”, healthcare reform that seeks to insure millions of Americans is called “Obamacare”, and now the uproar against Green Ribbon Schools.  Thankfully the Administration has declined to dignify the Rights opposition to the health and wellness of our children and instead announced the launch of the U.S. Green Ribbon awards program yesterday.

We cannot profess to lead the 21st Century economy of today with the broken and disconnected education system from the last century.  The U.S. Green Ribbon Schools Award is our country’s first step in seizing the future! And I don’t know about you but I don’t want to get used to chanting “we’re number #27” *wink*

Cheers to the future…let’s make it a clean, green, and beautiful one!