Poliwood Round-Up: Don’t Whine, Wine! [Recess Edition]

The countdown clocks have gone dark, the halls of Congress are empty…and the whining has finally come to a halt…well for the next few weeks that it is–it’s recess in Poliwood!

As soon as Members cast their final vote to raise the debt ceiling and spare those downtrodden billionaires the wrath of raised taxes…they ran out of town faster than the “Basketball Wives” run their mouth!

Of course nothing ever really stops in the 24 hour all you can stomach political buffet…Bachmann, Romney, and the rest of the Scooby Doo cast took their Mystery Machine and headed over to Iowa for their “debate” last night before the Ames Straw Poll to be held in the state on Saturday.

There was yelling, finger pointing, and one question that is getting a lot of attention…the one directed at Rep. Bachmann asking if she were president would she be “submissive” to her husband. It drew boos but I thought it was Hiiiillaaarrious! She DID say back in 2006 that a woman should be “submissive” to her husband. However, I would find it terribly difficult to be submissive to the Cam from Modern Family. *wink*

Nonetheless, after all the drama that was the past few months…it’s to time to unwind, take a nice big sip of wine and relax…because the next round of BS is just around the corner!

Happy Recess Everyone!

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