Poliwood Round-Up: A Tree Dies in Washington


And so, I won’t waste time with the pleasantries because honestly they have been far and few between these days. Summer used to be a happy time in these parts…with empty metros and streets, but thanks to the Rethugs and their constant tug-o-war those leisurely Poliwood summer days are a thing of the past.

Now, don’t get it twisted–it’s not like their constant back and forth has resulted in much, but continued breaks for oil companies, billionaires and a little more than a “let them eat cake” response to creating jobs and working on much needed education reform–but what’s really infuriating me these days is Congress’s response to the environment.

This has been the hottest summer on record–with tempatures reaching triple digits for weeks at a time in the most unlikely places, like Minnesota. Increased temperatures mean ruined crops (wheat anyone?), dried up streams and rivers (think seafood), and countless brush fires (the roof is on fire)! Yet, this congress is doing everything it can to defund the Environmetal Protection Agency and dismantle programs within federal agencies that are working on climate change… WTF?

The environment hasn’t gotten screwed more this year than than the entire cast of the Jersey Shore! From public lands to water to environmental education–Republicans have all but made sure that our children will be swimming in sewage at bath time. How is allowing polluters to fill up our streams with mercury and other crap good for America? How is ripping up our “amber fields of grain” to put in another factory helping us seize the future? When we destroy our own land and water it makes our country increasingly dependent on others.

Just recently I was staring out of my living room window and to my horror I saw a mutated stump sitting where my beloved thick and beautiful green tree had been. For years I have sat on my “perch” and watched the seasons change by that tree and now it was gone–and guess what’s coming in it’s place? Another F’ing condo building.

If we don’t pay attention to our communities now…soon the only place that we will being seeing green space and clean waters will be in a multiplex–coming to a former park near you!