Resuscitate Your Life—Unplug!

Downtime and vacations are more important than ever. A study released just a few days ago highlighted that the U.S. is the second most depressed country in the world! Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– we have collectively been holding our breaths for over a decade now. We live our lives glued to social media and news outlets galore waiting for “breaking news” to reveal another terrorist plot, oil spill, mass shooting, food recall, and the list continues ad nauseam.

*I interrupt this blog to announce a very important message*—“In order to maintain some semblance of sanity… It’s time to UNPLUG and get our lives back”!

Yesterday as my plane flew over the glorious turquoise seas of Turks and Caicos and made its decent into Washington, D.C. I saw my life flash before my eyes– not in the turbulence “I’m going to die way”, but in the *Oprah voice* “you need to sustain the peace you’ve gained” kind of way. (Yes, my inner voice sounds like lady O!)

Did you know that vacation time increases productivity in the workplace by 40%? And lessens heart attacks by some 50% in women? Yet only 14% of Americans take vacation for one week a year? Vacations allow us the time we need to refocus and yet we are taking them less and less.

However you don’t need a plane ticket to unplug and “get away”…all you need to do is disconnect from all the “otherness” in your life and connect to yourself and what you really need.

We spend a lot of our time distracting ourselves from ourselves…stillness scares the hell out of us!

We’ve become über multi-taskers…accomplishing everything and nothing at the same time. Distracting ourselves from our inner voice and suppressing our needs so we can keep climbing…faster and faster, higher and higher, except we have no idea what we are climbing to anymore. The finish line keeps moving and yet we keep stretching ourselves further and further towards our breaking point.

We need to take our lives back…slow down and unplug before it’s too late.

Now, I’m not saying we need to don Amish garb and start churning butter, riding in buggies and living all Little House on the Praire-like, but what I am saying is that we need more stillness. We need time to relax and replenish our spirits in order to truly thrive!

Go ahead…turn your phone off, shut your computer down, and unplug for a while.

Trust me, whatever is “breaking” in the news will still be circulating (and being regurgitated) when you return. So, give yourself a break…disconnect from the crazy and resuscitate your life!