Poliwood Round-Up: Welcome to the Bull$h!t Olympics


And so, when trying to come up with a headline for this week’s post on Poliwood all that kept coming to mind was bull$h!t…so, there it is! I know what your’re thinking “such language coming from a Polinista”, but truthfully, I’ve had it with all the “junior high drama” that is Capitol Hill these days–*deep breath*.

So, I am now referring to this summer as the “One Millionth Anniversary of the BS Olympics on Capitol Hill”.

Coming in third with the bronze metal is…President Obama. Yeah, I said it. Enough with the compromise! You need to call a spade a spade. The Republicans want to make you a one term president and you are giving them exactly what they want every time you don’t call them out on their political theater. Call them out! Hold a press conference, get all your friends together, give them a script and send them out into the media to spread the word “Rethugs only care about the rich! They would rather mortgage the future of the middle class and poor than raise taxes on the super rich”! That’s the message and the Dems need to start spreading it like chicken pox at an elementary school!

Coming in second with the silver is…Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Name calling as funny as I think it is as times doesn’t get us anywhere. Making snarky comments about republicans only to turn around and give them exactly what they want it doesn’t earn you any cool points! …Oh, I’m sorry, you usually leave us with the kitchen sink– full of dirty dishes like more restrictions on pro choice measures, cutting funding to healthcare and other stuff that you left clogged up in there.

And finally the gold medal of the bull$h!t Olympics goes to…House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Who walks out of a meeting with the President? Really, is that what the American people pay you for? To take your toys and leave the sandbox because you refuse to budge on your insane measures? We can’t continue to give oil companies tax breaks so your cronies will put more money in your pocket and then pollute our rivers and streams. We can’t continue to let a CEO pay lower taxes than the person bringing them their coffee and the list goes on.

We are headed very quickly into an era where the rich will have all the green space, clean air, and safe water they need while the rest of us are left choking on fumes! We need the posturing to end on both sides. The stakes are too high to keep playing chicken with a tractor trailer…if we default come August 2nd there will be a serious price that we all will have to pay.

No one will lend to us, no one will be willing to invest…and our future will look more like a scene from Mad Max than the Jetsons!