Poliwood Round-Up: Tense in the City!


And so, usually around this time of year the sounds of flip-flops echo through the halls of Congress, doors are closed to the muffled laughter of staffers enjoying their well deserved 4th of July recess, and it’s easy to get a seat on the metro.

Unfortunately this year (like this Congress) is anything but normal. Majority Leader Reid can now be known as the “Grinch who stole Recess”. This week Senator Reid announced that the Senate would not be leaving for the usual week long fourth of July holiday break, because as he said “we have work to do”.

As it turns out…he’s right!

After months of conversation our two parties have yet to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling. Last we heard, Rethugs walked out on talks that would raise taxes for the rich. Ah, yes you know those poor rich people who struggle to fill up their private planes and yachts with gas. According to the Rethugs they need all the help they can get because it’s tough for them having to get back and forth between summer homes.

What is even more disturbing is that poor and middle class folks who don’t even have the slightest possibility of becoming filthy rich, keep voting for the very people who cut their services and fail to extend their unemployment needs.

Why? Because Rethugs are the masters of spin (aka lies)! They are like a dog with a bone, never letting go of a story, no matter how offensive or ridiculous! Rethugs care as much about the American people as oil companies do the environment.

What ever happened to integrity?! To wanting to do right by the people, before your pockets?

I ask the same questions every time I turn on the news. Where have all the real journalists gone? These days the reporters seem more intent on making news rather than “reporting” on it! Just ask Mark Halperin currently being suspended by MSNBC for his “dick” comment regarding the president. How does that happen exactly? How do you sit down to report on a press conference and then turn your news show into the Jersey Shore? What can we look forward to next? Newscasters turning into Teresa ala RHONJ and flipping tables when they don’t like the person their reporting on?

The pendulum has swung so far and so fast that we don’t even know what’s acceptable behavior anymore. I’m to the point that if a salesperson isn’t posting on FB while taking my order and yelling at their co-worker behind me while chewing gum that service still warrants 18%. Standards much? Why are we letting so much slide?

We have been collectively holding our breath as a society for far too long waiting to see what happens next. Hold your breath too long and you’ll pass out only to awaken to Snooki reporting for MSNBC saying, “damn, I can’t believe that bitch Bachmann won the election!”

Stranger things have happened!