Poliwood Round-Up: Speaker Bonehead’s Debt Crunch

And so, it turns out Boehner or as my sister likes to call him “Boner”, is just as incompetent as we all thought he was. Bone-Head’s major failure this week? You mean, besides solidifying his reign as a real life “Umpa Lumpa”? Ah, yes that would be failure to wrangle those bat shit crazy Tea-bagging freshmen of his.

Essentially Boehner not only sucks at math (the Congressional Budget Committee had to send him back to his desk earlier this week to “recalculate” his debt ceiling plan for its failure to make any significant cuts) but he also sucks at leading his own party.

Last night the “Speaker” called off the vote on his debt ceiling legislation because he failed to get the votes needed from his own party to reach the magic number of 216 to get the measure passed. Instead of looking like a complete ass on the floor he ducked out of the entire vote hoping to save face…However, he was in a lose-lose situation. Hold the vote and it fails—you look incompetent. Pull the vote from the floor—you look incompetent. Stand around and cry—you look like a preschooler who’s lost his toy. Safe to say this kind of nonsense is uncharacteristic from a party whose generally more lock-in-step than a Beijing Olympic performer…but I must say I’m loving the show!

However, the failure of the Democratic Party to exploit the pure vindictive nature of the Republicans is starting to get on my nerves. Here’s the thing, it is clearer than ever that the Republicans sole mission in life is to make President Obama a one term president. They are willing to sacrifice anything including our global reputation in order to make this happen. Their actions remind me of crazed looters during a riot that burn down their own town out of anger and then look around and wonder why they have no place to live.

In one corner you have Tea-baggers that don’t want the debt ceiling raised at all…although since Reagan the debt ceiling has been raised 43 times without provocation. Sure, the minority will always say they don’t want the limit raised and place more debt on the backs future generations, but just like taxes (unless of course you’re a billionaire) raising the debt ceiling is inevitable. And in the other corner we have an African American President who’s willing (sometimes too often) to compromise.

So why all the squawking and politicking from Rethugs who have the House majority???

You see, the Rethugs can no longer keep the lid on showing their true “Confederate” colors… The thought of having to “deal” with a black man is too much for them to take. No other President has been disrespected like Obama. From the birthers to unreturned phone calls from Congress, showing this President respect is out of the question. If you for one second think I’m just playing the “race card” then you need a history lesson.

Everything they have alleged about this President has racist undertones and the media that are supposed to be providing people the news are too scared to say it. Republicans would rather see the middle class in bread lines before they budge an inch on their insane demands…why? because getting the first African American president out of office is more important than repairing the country that they ruined with two wars and the non-stop “Kegger “ we call Wall Street.

Times are changing, and nothing scares bigots more than the potential of losing their stake on what they think this country owes them. America’s best days are still in front of us…but not if we continue to allow these megalomaniacs to ruin the American brand because of their hate.

Let Boner and the Tea-baggers know that their 15 minutes are up and we need serious people that are able to deal with serious issues!