Polinistas at Play [Turks and Caicos Edition]


“Ahhhhhhhhhh” thats the sound our brains made when we deplaned yesterday. It’s been a looong year and it’s time to relax, so my fellow Polinista/wife and I are taking a much needed holiday in T&C with our family. Nothing is better than taking a trip to the beach whether in a car or on a plane…the ocean, sun, and wind whipping across your skin makes you feel alive! Unlike sitting in “cubicle land” watching time tick away and obsessing about whether “you’re living the life you should be?”.

Nope, “staycations” and vacations are about being grateful. Grateful for the time you have to be with who you love and enjoy the freedom you feel you’ve earned. However, the most important feeling I like to contemplate on while staring out at to sea–is how little anything else matters than the present. Our lives are made for living… not waiting for those glorious two weeks you have saved up all year.

You can’t store happiness …we deserve better than that!

This summer and beyond, I am pledging to live in each day, and dedicate each moment to loving those around me and living with a little more peace in my mind and in my heart–besides worry and stress lead to nothing more than wrinkles and we are all too fabulous for those…yet! *wink*

So, here’s to the Polinista “Peace of Mind” pledge…living light, with our hearts open, and our souls free…daily!

Who’s with me???