Welcome to threeLOL: Live, Love, & Labor OUT Loud!

Hello World! Ok, so maybe not the “world” per se, but greetings to all of you and thanks for stopping in. What is threeLOL you wonder? Well, it’s a place for all of you who are exhilarated, energized, and passionate about all the crazy, challenging and fabulous things that life has to offer. 

Every day and in every moment, you are the people that choose to make their existence count!

Life isn’t all sunshine and sparkles, and if you, like us, obsessively follow the headlines, then you know that at times it feels like we are one natural (or human-made) disaster away from the end. Most days it probably seems
like a much better idea to hide under the covers with a pint of gelato than face another miserable news cast, disappointment, or catastrophe…but instead of climbing under our duvets and closing our eyes, waiting for the wave to pass…

LOLers (Yeah, I mean you *wink*) dive into the wave head on to create an energy whirlpool that shifts the current! LOLers believe in their ability to manifest personal and global change, by simply living honestly, loving openly, and laboring passionately!

This, my friends, is what threeLOL.com is all about!

This is the place for all you kids who couldn’t manage to color in the lines, and were constantly being told to use your “inside voice”. Well, fret no longer…at threeLOL we love nothing more than folks who live their lives in COLOR and OUT loud! So, our dear LOLers this site is for you…We know that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Cheers to Living, Loving, and Laboring OUT Loud,
Danielle and Aisha