Poliwood Round-Up: The Double Standard


And so, you know what annoys the hell out of me? A double standard! All everyone wants to talk about this week is Weiner’s weiner! As if we don’t have a lot of other really important things to discuss, as if their isn’t an issue with the debt ceiling or joblessness…you know the little things!

It’s not the numerous “junk” shots being paraded around every news station that bothers me, but instead, the list of politicians on both sides of the aisle who have committed the same social “crime”, and in some cases worse. From the blue dress to the toe tapper to the parade of illegitimate children, Poliwood has seen plenty. But you know what we haven’t seen plenty of???


Now, these pious politicians would have you believe that once they make their mistakes and publicly apologize, that in a few years all shall be forgiven. I say, “Not So Much”! You know why? Because there are hundreds of thousands of responsible, up standing LGBT adults in this country that want their right to love, honor, protect and marry the person they choose…and yet political scandal after political sex scandal unfolds and Members of both parties have the audacity to judge, debate, and vote on marriage!

They claim that the LGBT community is ruining traditional marriage! There is nothing traditional about standing by your “man” while he gives his “I’m so sorry I was caught with a hooker in our family car speech”! You know whose destroying the sanctity of marriage? Our elected officials! With their morality speeches, and their “save the children” campaigns while all along stepping out on their wives like a member of Entourage!

From Gingrich to Sanford to Craig to Schwarzenegger, and now Weiner…Politicians no longer should have the right to vote on the sanctity of anyone’s marriage when they can’t keep their own houses in order!

Your privileges have have now been revoked!

And That’s My Two Cents