Poliwood Round-Up: Just put it on my (our) tab!

And so, you know when you go out for cocktails and open a tab and then you  have a little too much fun and “forget” your card at the bar… only to return the next day (with large sunglasses and an even bigger headache) to collect your bill? This is exactly what our government has been doing for the past 10 years except we’re the ones with the hangover and no one has returned to the bar to collect the tab! This my dear Polinistas is the issue with the debt ceiling.  

How many of us wouldn’t want to negotiate with the bartender upon our glorious return to the scene of the night in question and say, “oh I think you’re mistaken, there is no way I had five shots of Patron, I’ll just pay for the three I definitely know I had and could you spot me for the other two (batting eyelashes)”?  This is what our government is locked in negotiations over. We’ve spent way too much, borrowed a lot and now we need to raise our debt ceiling so we don’t go broke, and start selling off Mount Rushmore on EBay like a snow globe!

 Another way to alleviate the drama is to tax the rich just a little bit more. I mean they’re making their money off of  us anyway !  There in lies the stalemate between our parties. Dems want to tax the rich more and the Rethugs wouldn’t dare, who would fund their campaigns and keep their line of credit open at Tiffany’s?  How does it make sense that the richest 1% ($1 million a year or more) of the country own over 40% of the wealth and yet have a lower tax rate than their personal assistants? Would taxing them more solve all of our tales of financial woe, of course not, but it would be a hell of a start!  

Yet, Eric Cantor (R-VA) Majority “Smug” Leader, walked out of bi-partisan discussions this week like a child unwilling to share his toys anymore in the sandbox!  He’s refusing to budge on the tax increase.   We pay them to make decisions not to pout, throw tantrums and go home. It’s always comical to me that the party who calls the Dems elitists are always so quick to defend big business and the wealthy at the expense of regular folk! 

So, here’s the deal Mr. Cantor and the rest of you high rolling Rethugs…you’ve hit last call , there is not a drop left to drink and the bar is closing. It’s time to pay up and we’re no longer taking your “I. O. Us”!