Get over the Hump with threeLOL: The Law of Attraction begins with YOU!

By now most of us have been dating successfully or otherwise for years. Remember the hilarious line from Sex and the City when a frustrated and hungover Charlotte says “I’ve been dating for 15 years…I’m exhausted”. When we reach our 30’s (eeek!) you generally have to start using your toes to count your past relationships. To think that we have been dating for that long is unbelievable.

I believe that almost every couple who is either happily married or blissfully committed becomes a “stand-in” relationship coach for their friends and family. You frequently get asked questions like “how do you know if you’ve found the one?”, “How much work should a relationship be?”, and “marriage is all it’s cracked up to be, right?”. The most important question out of these is the four-letter word one, is a relationship “work”?

Photo by Michael Kirby, Jr. – MOK Photography