Get over the Hump with threeLOL [NY Edition]: What Comes Next…Matters!

Friday night, June 24th 2011 was the day NY shouted a resounding “YES” to equality that was heard ’round the world! Like good Polinistas, we sat glued to the TV on my parent’s couch on Long Island, with a cocktail in one hand and our iPads in the other. We were getting texts from our fantastic friend in Senator Alesi’s office ( fab republican) assuring us that tonight would not be a repeat of that dreadful day in 2009–when the NY Senate didn’t even come close to passing the marriage equality bill.

It was amazing to sit there and see all of the people gathered in the gallery with equality signs and T-shirts, who had labored for years to bring this day to fruition. June 24th is yet another reminder to us all that change can come when we gather as a thoughtful collective to move our society forward!

Watch our “We Heart NY” airport Vlog after the jump!

Let’s make our time here count! And like Macy Gray sang… “Get up, Get OUT, and Do Something, don’t let the days of your life pass you by!”