Get over the Hump with threeLOL: Are you a Polinista?

For far too long you’ve all heard the nasty little saying, “Washington is the Hollywood for ugly people”. That the folks who march up and down the halls of power have about as much style as a three year old let loose in their parent’s closet. The clothes were too big, lack any coordination, and don’t even let me get started on the shoes.

That my dear friends, was the Washington of yesteryear!

Over the past several years a slow delicious storm has been rolling over this fabulous little city. Mother’s pearls and those muted shades of grey have been left by the curb…for Goodwill, and not a moment too soon! The notion that in order to be taken seriously in this town you needed to look as awful as possible is starting to become a distant memory. Honestly, who can take someone seriously that didn’t bother to look in the mirror before they left the house and pull a comb through their hair?

Not me, that’s for sure!

Remember when my beloved Elle Woods, in Legally Blond, tried to down play her style in order to fit in with the kids from Harvard? I cringed at the sight of her in a stodgy black suit. You can’t make BIG changes in this world when you are trying desperately to be someone else. Once she came back to her senses and donned her chic hot pink dress in court, you knew the real Elle had arrived!

This sense of self is at the core of a Polinista. She is the smart, savvy, and elegantly dressed woman who knows just as much about Vogue as she does about voting! The only way she knows how to move through this land of political theater is in a pair of fierce heels with the brains to match.

This is the new and improved Washington or “Poliwood” as the kids are referring to it nowadays *wink*, where Polinistas reign supreme and govern over this land with a well-manicured fist! So long to hum-drum brown, and putrid shades pastel, they fell out of style in the Nixon years…

So, I ask you dear Polinistas of Poliwood, whose IQs are as high as your wedges…how are you going to spread your ferocious fashion sense and political sensibility through this town and around this world?